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What are Disc Disorders?

There are many different causes of chronic spinal (back and back) pain, but disc related issues are the most severe. Whether from an acute injury or chronic overuse, a disc may be torn from supportive tissues, ruptured, or severely injured. These conditions are commonly referred to as slipped or herniated discs. If the injury is severe, the disc can rupture. If the spinal cord or a nerve root is compressed and proper nerve flow compromised, pain and symptoms (including numbness/tingling, or muscle weakness) can be severe or unrelenting. Unresolved disc injuries can lead to degenerative disc disease (DDD) which can be complicated by osteoarthritis.

Long standing spinal joint dysfunctions or misalignment from previous injury or irritation, such as work, sports related stress, or even poor posture, can eventually create a bulging, protruded, or even herniated disc. Injury to the disc causes pain and limitation in movement along with altering normal function. Chronic or long standing disc pressure results in a degenerative disc disorder that is accompanied with arthrosis or arthritis.

Depending in the severity, complicating factors, and previous treatment, the DISC-covery program may be the solution for relief and eventual recovery to normal daily activities.

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