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Nutritional Price List

Health and Wellness Services

New Patient Exam
Dr. Robert Powell 150
Report of Findings Complimentary
Office Visit (20 min) 55 55
Re-Evaluation Visit 75
New Patient Child 100
Office visit Child (under 13 years of age) 35
Previous Patient Returning (After 1 Year) 75
Acute Visit (15 Minute Consult) 25
BioMeridian Testing 20
Heart Sound Recorder Testing 20
Video or Phone Consultation 55
Extended Visit (20 min extra) 75
Cleanse Coaching (15 min) 20
Health Maintenance Program Year…10 Visits per year prepaid 450

Health & Wellness Available Testing
Please Call (330) 494-5533 Ext: 3.

Blood Work
Complete Nutritional Panel
A La Carte – CBC, CMP, Lipid panel, A1c, Cardio-risk factor, Inflammation, etc.
Food Allergy Testing
IGG Food Sensitivity Blood Spot Test
Identify 184 food sensitivities
Saliva Testing
Adrenal Stress Profile
Cycling Female Hormone Panel
Menopause profile
Male Hormone Panel
Genetic Tests
Profiles range from
Hair Analysis
Minerals imbalances in the body
Weight Loss/ Detox
SP Detox Balance 10 day
SP Detox Balance 28 day
Purification Program 21 day


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