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Purification Program at Powell Chiropractic Clinic, Inc.

10-Day LogoOur 21-day purification program helps patients purify, nourish, and maintain a healthy body and weight. Whether you are interested in improving digestion, riding toxins from your body, wanting to bring better balance to your body and its organs, or interested in losing weight/improving your diet, the Purification Program is a wonderful, natural method to help you achieve your health goals. The supplements included in the program are:

Want to learn more or are currently participating in the program? Check out the 21 Day Purification/Cleanse Program Brochure for program details, day-by-day guides, recipes, and more!

10-Day Programs

The 10 Day Programs have been carefully designed through the joint effort of nutritionists, doctors and patients to achieve the maximum benefit over the 10 days. For patients with more specific goals or conditions, the programs below are geared to help balance the body and improve function along with overall health.

Blood Sugar 10 Day Program Logo

Blood Sugar 10 Day Program

This program is specific to support the organs and glands involved in blood sugar regulation.

Female Vitality 10 Day Program Logo

Female Vitality 10 Day Program

This program is designed for women to support the balancing of hormones whether cycling or non-cycling.

Inflammation 10 Day Program Logo

Inflammation 10 Day Program

This program is geared to decreasing inflammation in the body and supporting tissue/cellular healing.

Digestion 10 Day Program Logo

Digestion 10 Day Program

Coming Soon

Male Vitality 10 Day Program Logo

Male Vitality 10 Day Program

Coming Soon

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