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Scoliosis Treatment Options at Powell Chiropractic Clinic, Inc.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression is a non-surgical therapy that offers advanced technology to provide relief to patients who suffer from herniated and degenerative disc disorders. In addition to the other scoliosis treatments we offer here at our office, we can add space back into the disc giving the spine room to move, thus allowing the spine to straighten.

Rehab MedX

We are proud to offer state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment to our patients. Through active therapies and exercises, we help re-educate and strengthen your muscles to relieve pain and prevent future injuries. With the advanced technology of our MedX equipment, we can assess the strength of spinal stabilizing muscles and create a unique exercise program focused on increasing strength and improving range of motion.

scoli table treatment


The Scoli-table was developed by Dr. Leander Eckard in the early 1980s. The Clear Scoliosis Institute, created by Dennis Woggon, utilizes this therapy for scoliosis care.

The Scoliosis table is designed to bring the curvatures back to center by utilizing Y-axis and X axis traction simultaneously, targeting the ligaments surrounding the spine. The table uniquely modifies to the curve of each patient.


ScoliRoll® Denneroll Table

denneroll tableScoliRoll® is a scoliosis treatment aid developed by Denneroll Industries and ScoliCare. It is a unique device that can be used as an adjunct to other scoliosis therapies such as specific exercise programs and rigid or dynamic bracing. The patented Denneroll peak creates a specific bending moment, de-rotating and straightening the scoliosis. This allows for muscle and ligament stretch and creates the opportunity for spinal stabilization exercises while the scoliosis is in a straightened position.

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ScoliRoll® can also be used as a diagnostic tool to assess the amount of flexibility in a scoliosis curve. This gives the scoliosis clinician an indication of how much curve correction might be achieved with scoliosis rehabilitation or bracing.

The Lumbar ScoliRoll® is designed for use with lumbar and some thoraco-lumbar scoliosis curves and the Thoracic ScoliRoll® is designed for use with thoracic and some thoraco-lumbar scoliosis curves.


scoli-chairScoli-chair was developed by Dr. Dennis Woggon, the founder of The Clear Scoliosis Institute. He developed the concept of the Scoliosis traction chair in 2002, gradually refining it over the years. He wanted to be able to treat Scoliosis without a brace.

The concept of the chair is to utilize y-axis traction for the cervical spine, thereby reducing muscle contraction and the weight of the head. Additional straps were designed to mirror image configuration bringing the Scoliosis curvature back towards center and derotating or uncoiling the spine.

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The Scoli-Chair utilizes whole body vibration. It has been found to help reduce muscular activation thereby allowing correction of the scoliosis curvature and the vibrational frequency is specifically 30 Hz.

Commonly patients are placed in the Scoliosis traction chair while performing a stress x-ray to identify potential correction of scoliosis.

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