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Heart Sound Recorder

woman holding heart ornamentAt Powell Chiropractic Clinic, Inc., we’re proud to offer patients a variety of diagnostic services that can help paint a bigger picture of their health, and offer solutions for getting well for life.

One of those services is called the “Heart Sound Recorder”. We’re sure you’ve seen EKG tests involving the heart on some of your favorite television shows. While this test is similar to an EKG, it measures something entirely different from electrical currents-instead, our Heart Sound Recorder measures sound.

But not just any sound!

During this test, we’re analyzing the sound waves as your heart valves open and close. As this happens, we listen and look at the graph in real-time.

This test will tell us if your heart valves are opening too quickly or too slowly. While this isn’t always indicative of a serious problem today, we believe that it’s something to monitor and work to correct before a bigger problem occurs later in life.

What to Expect

We’ll perform this diagnostic test once to get a baseline report of the sound of your heart.

If we notice any abnormalities, we’ll then redo the test but this time give you a specific vitamin to chew.

For some patients, we’ll immediately see a difference in how their heart sound-and so will they.

Book Your Visit

If you’re interested in having your heart sound analyzed, we’d love to meet with you soon. Contact us to book an appointment and discover the many benefits of focused, gentle and effective chiropractic care.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



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