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BioMeridian at Powell Chiropractic Clinic, Inc.

model of a brainHave you ever been curious about how each organ in your body is functioning, or whether or not something isn’t working as well as it’s supposed to?

Years ago, this kind of analysis was costly and difficult to come by. At Powell Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. we’re proud to offer BioMeridian testing right in the comfort of our practice. With this measurement equipment, we’re able to pinpoint specific areas of your body that may be experiencing dis-ease-in fact, we can test across 58 specific points.

How Does it Work?

BioMeridian testing uses a micro-electrical current to measure stress in organs and tissues. We can place the device in specific areas to properly analyze what’s going on in your body. As the micro-current travels throughout the body, it will pick up on areas of stress and depression.

Patients often love looking at the results and readout themselves-the information is truly fascinating! Best of all, this type of testing is entirely pain-free and is FDA approved. The ultimate goal of a session is to determine a tailored nutritional supplement protocol designed to meet your specific needs. That way, we can help get your body back to functioning exactly as it was designed.

Schedule Your Test Today

We’d love to work with you and help you achieve your goals in health. To learn more about this testing, contact us to schedule your visit.

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