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Books to Read

In Defense of Food,  Michael Pollan

The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan

The worlds healthiest foods: George Mateljan

Peace, Love & Healing: Bernie S. Siegel, MD

Good Foods/Bad Foods:  Judith A. DeCava

Empty Harvest: Dr. Bernard Jensen & Mark Anderson

The China Study: T. Colin Campbell, PhD

Nourishing Traditions:  Sally Fallon

The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia:  Rebecca Wood

Health and Healing: Dr. Andrew Weil

What To Eat: Marion Nestle

Wheat Belly:  William Davis, MD

The Dukan Diet: Dr. Pierre Dukan

Health is Simple Disease is Complicated:  James Forleo DC

Tired of being Sick and tired?

Healthy Brains, Healthy Children: Dr. Coralee Thompson

Healthy by Design:  Dr. Schott Hannen

Discover Wellness: Dr. Bob Hoffman

The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution: Frederick Hahn

Body For Life: Bill Phillips

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