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Methods of Care

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Step 1: Flexibility Therapy

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The unique methods of the DISC-covery program developed by Powell Chiropractic combine the most effective, non-surgical ways of providing disc treatment. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, as needed, we create more flexibility in the spine and intervertebral joints through flexibility therapy. This process gently stretches the spinal muscles and ligaments while providing vibrational therapy to each vertebrae involved. Often, this alone provides incredible relief.

Step 2: DRX9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy

DR9000C Decompression Therapy Device

Next we use computerized DRX9000 spinal disc decompression therapy to the problematic vertebral joint/disc. Using specific intermittent traction, the soft tissue (muscles and ligaments) around the involved area can relax, allowing the disc space to open and re-hydrate the disc material, promoting healing.

Step 3: Soft Tissue Therapy and Muscle Rehabilitation

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Specific MedX Spinal Rehabilitation helps improve spinal function to complete the healing process

Following disc decompression by therapeutic electric muscle stimulation assists in decreasing muscle tension and spasms for more complete recovery and relief. When pain/symptoms have decreased and progress established, specific functional spinal rehabilitative care including stretching and exercises begins. With the advanced technology of our MedX equipment, we can assess the strength of spinal stabilizing muscles and create a unique exercise program focused on increasing strength and improving ROM. Spinal rehabilitation re-establishes proper muscle activation and function which is a key component to complete recovery.


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